Top Firefighting Stories

Liberty Fire Co. Chief Steven Miller faces felony charges related to embezzlement, yet new questions, concerns emerge about FD finances
Jamie Snow, wife of Elijah Snow, appeared on "Dr. Phil" to explain why she believes Mexican authorities are lying about how her husband died
The crew from West Chester Twp. Engine 71 immediately began patient care of the woman in the other vehicle
Justin David Musgraves, a volunteer firefighter and deputy director of emergency management, was sentenced to more than 12 years in a federal prison
Columbia's frontline workers will get a $2,500 stipend, and all city workers who get the vaccine will receive a $500 bonus if they are vaccinated by Nov. 1
The lawsuit seeks damages for violations of Wilks’ right to free speech and retaliation for his comments
49 city employees who refused to respond are facing disciplinary action, including termination
In the past year, Polk County first responders have been asked to pick up 4,495 mandatory OT shifts, totaling 89,434 hours
Shanksville Chief Terry Shaffer reflects on how his family is inextricably linked to the tragedy – and how they continue to honor the victims and the community
It is difficult to state that we care about the public we serve when we cite “personal choice” as a reason for not being vaccinated
Spokane County Lt. Cody Traber fell from a bridge while trying to get a better vantage point to spot a reported brush fire
The South Bend Firefighter was suspended for five days without pay and ordered to complete anger management training
A 52-year veteran of the fire service, Colfax Fire Chief Jim Krouse suffered an apparent heart attack while working the scene, the department said
Thomas Swartz was fired for allegedly making judgmental comments regarding drug use to an 18-year-old and the patient's mother
We must ask key questions to determine where we are going wrong in communicating firefighter job expectations
Kinloch Fire Protection District Firefighter Jared Williams was walking to the bus after his shift when he was shot in the arm
Jeff Halvorson had been the fire chief for the Arcadia-Glencoe Fire Department for 17 years
Hartland Volunteer Fire Company Firefighter Judy Spencer was killed while acting as the spotter for a fire vehicle backing up at a fire scene
Frumencio Ruiz Carapia of Medford was working on the Gales Fire when a tree unexpectedly snapped and fell over, striking him
In the video, Capt. Cristian Granucci accused the fire union of being in "lockstep with total tyranny" for its support of the vaccine requirement


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