Top Firefighting Stories

Camilla Fire Department Capt. Keith Obrian Williams, 54, a 32-year department veteran, was found unresponsive by fellow firefighters Saturday morning
Houston Arson Investigator Lemuel Bruce, 44, had served with the fire department for 17 years; the arson suspect was also killed in the shootout
The remotely-controlled robot can blast 2,500 gallons of water or foam per minute and can tow up to 1,750 pounds
Fake flames included in the display have been mistaken for a real house fire by several passersby
The fire department report stated that Firefighter Jason Cortez may have accidentally opened the valve and cited COVID-19 restrictions in requiring firefighters to do some training tasks alone
Firefighters can still achieve crew camaraderie without communal space living situations
Jason Cortez, 42, fell three stories during a company-level training drill, causing severe head injuries
Ellinwood Fire Chief Chris Komarek said the truck was traveling at high speed when it crashed into the station, sparking a fire
Authorities are looking into the allegations that firefighters hired by homeowners or insurance companies illegally set backfires to protect properties
Jason Cortez, 42, fell three stories during a company-level training drill, causing severe head injuries
Spokane County Fire District 8 IAFF Local 3711 President Jay Wilkins, who wrote the response, said it wasn't meant to be political and that he was surprised by the public's reaction
Authorities say the group appointed themselves as officers of the Patriot Volunteer Fire Department and gained access to the department's building and equipment
Gary Fire Chief Sean O'Donnell accused firefighters of abusing sick time, leading to hundreds of thousands of dollars in overtime to cover their missed shifts
All 4,700 city employees will have their pay decreased by 10% and will be required to take one unpaid day off for every 14-day pay period
The engine has been in the Los Angeles County Fire Museum shop since the museum was closed for COVID-19 restrictions
Authorities say the engine was driven for about three miles before the suspect was apprehended
South Holland Firefighter-Paramedic Dylan Cunningham, 29, who served with the department for nine years, died Wednesday after an exercise at Haigh Quarry Lake
The IAFF Local 22 president criticized national union heads for endorsing Biden last April "without ... the consideration of the rank and file IAFF membership"
Reviewing benefits and risks of volunteer fire department mergers – and how to start the merger process for a smooth transition
U.S. Forest Service Firefighter Carlos Baltazar was reported missing on Sept. 24, one day before the memorial service for fellow Big Bear Hotshot Charles Morton


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