Top Firefighting Stories

EMS providers will be required to comply with the binding order, as hospital and ambulance resources are overstretched due to COVID-19
Hundreds of medically trained firefighters will be called to assist EMS with COVID-19 calls
Rep. Bill Huizenga plans to introduce a bill that would allow for a three-month tax holiday modeled after tax relief for active military
The Maine Department of Labor found that firefighters who went to investigate an initial propane leak did not have SCBAs or sufficient hazmat training
Passaic Fire Chief Patrick Trentacost said the death of 33-year-old Firefighter-EMT Israel Tolentino was “a clear line of duty death”
PSOB releases statement underscoring need to prove on-the-job exposure
U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said a fourth stimulus package could include hazard pay for those on the front lines of the crisis
Officials say the 15-year-old driver of the other vehicle was speeding and now faces charges of manslaughter and assault
The stimulus bill identifies the funding streams used to reimburse fire and EMS departments for operational costs during national emergency
Officials said a chain reaction began when a fire engine on its way to a call collided with another vehicle
The suspect has been terminated and charged with first-degree sexual abuse
Firefighters, EMS providers and police officers will receive an additional $200 biweekly for their work during the pandemic
The city of Camden had decided earlier this year to eliminate 12 positions to make up for budget shortfalls
FDNY Paramedic Christell Cadet, who has publicly shared her experience with the disease, has been hospitalized since falling ill last week
The association encourages chiefs to review a preparedness checklist and guidelines for infection control
The proposal comes after firefighters who transported the first patient in the state to die from the disease were not notified of the exposure
FDNY Commissioner Daniel Nigro said two of the members who tested positive are hospitalized and the rest are recovering at home
Jackson Fire Lt. Yancey Williams was shot and killed late Sunday night
Reports say the girl was startled by an unleashed dog and ran into the path of the truck
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