Top Firefighting Stories

Summit County Firefighter Ken Jones, 46, fell 60 feet from the roof of a five-story condominium
Volunteer Firefighter George “Johnny” Childs, 64, was found unresponsive in his vehicle the morning after fighting a residential blaze
East Chicago's mayor and fire chief said similar changes were successful in Washington D.C., but a D.C. fire official said this claim was inaccurate
West Stockholm, NY, Fire Chief Robert White died Thursday night after responding to a house fire
About 100 firefighters responded to the house fire that injured a volunteer firefighter and killed six pets
In a 48-hour period, six people in Massachusetts were taken to the hospital after sticking their hands in snowblowers
Richmond Fire Lt. Ashley Nicole Berry, 33, was shot late Thursday night and pronounced dead at the hospital
The 74-year-old hiker was lifted from a mountain in a stretcher that began to spin rapidly as it rose
Firefighter-EMT Tamara Thacher died Tuesday after serving 31 years with the Sacramento Fire Department
Most of these skill-building exercises can be used year-round and with minimal cost and equipment
The NFPA’s recent proposal to add recertification has reignited the recertification debate
After a series of difficult calls, one South Carolina volunteer created a video that seeks to answer the question – and inspire others to volunteer
From staying positive to engaging with the broader fire community, the key to survival lies within
A volunteer firefighter from North Carolina shares the ups and downs of a day in the life of a volunteer
The widow of Fire Lt. Thomas Spencer, who was killed in the Worcester Cold Storage and Warehouse Fire of 1999, says changes must be made to prevent more firefighter deaths
Lloyd Musick, 49, came across an overturned truck while off duty and stopped to help the victims
North Amityville Volunteer Fire Chief Daryl Rollins died of a cardiac arrest after responding to a call
Records reveal that officials raised concerns about female cadets frequently being pulled out of training by the chief, who is accused of sexual harassment
Coming in at $974,998, Lewiston Fire Department's new fire truck is the "total package," according to the town's fire chief
Fallen Worcester Fire Lt. Jason Menard rescued a fellow firefighter and was searching for trapped residents when he was killed in the blaze


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